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Hotel furniture "WAVE"

Hotel furniture "WAVE"



506_1Hotel furniture "WAVE" combines contemporary design and the "spirit" of 70's furniture and 3D-CNC milling technology. We have combined light beech wood bases with a high-quality furniture board and a varnished and milled 3D MDF.












503The "WAVE" hotel furniture line is perfect for facilities of a higher standard. The MDF used for their production gives unlimited possibilities in terms of color, staining and milling pattern. In this case, the designed wave pattern perfectly reflects the character of the "FALEZA" hotel, picturesquely situated on the top of a cliff in Jastrzębia Góra on the coast of the Baltic Sea.










500Perfectly matched colors of materials and accessories complement the whole, creating a refined and cozy interior matching the style of the object's profile.














Any 3D milling pattern

At the client's request, we will adjust an individual and unique 3D milling pattern